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Lent Online Course - Why return to Mass?  Starting 17 February 2021

Lent Online Course starting 17 February by Scott Hahn- Why return to Mass? Our very lives depend on it. It’s the summit of God’s plan for our salvation.

It’s time to wake Catholics up to the awesome power, the incredible gift, that is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The alternative is unthinkable.

In our latest Journey Through Scripture study, get ready to join host Scott Hahn to uncover how and why all of God’s action, in creation and redemption, is ordered to the Mass. Click on the link to sign up for the free sessions.

Lenten Bible Studies on each Lenten Sunday Gospel - Starting 17 February 2021 - 6 Sessions every Wednesday from 1900 - 2030 hrs  


Mauro will break open the forthcoming Sunday Gospel with in-depth teaching and stimulating questions.  As a result, you will experience Sunday Mass in a New Way

The Word of God
The God Who Speaks Campaign

For further resources 

Bible Timeline Course – 8 Session Course starting Wednesday 7 April 2021 – 1900 - 2030 hrs  

Bishop David Teaches

Reflections and Catechesis from Bishop David Oakley

Catechists - Support and Training

For information about catechist support and training or to book any of the courses   

Examples of Training available

  • Retreat for Catechists (2 hours)

  • Introduction to YOUCAT for Kids (90 minutes)

  • Bishop’s Certificate in Catechesis – Level 1

  • Bishop’s Certificate in Catechesis – Level 2

  • Bishop’s Certificate in Catechesis Levels 3 and 4


Catechist Newsletter

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Guide for Readers

A guide for Readers can be found by clicking the link.

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Cenacolo UK
Lost your way in life? Turned to drugs or alcohol


Cenacolo is a place of hope!

It is not a “Detox” or a “Rehab”.


It is a place of hope, certainly for those seeking to escape from addiction (drug/alcohol/gambling etc) but also for those disaffected by life who want to experience a simpler life in a Christian environment.

The main foundations of the Community are:  Friendship, Work and Prayer.  In this way self-esteem and self-confidence grow.

Many of those who enter Cenacolo have little or no faith except in drugs! But the new friends in the Community, who once lived the same life style as you, will be your strength and support as you gradually change your life to a new one based on new values.

Girls are also welcomed into the Cenacolo Community with a number of Girls’ houses being situated throughout Europe, as well as further Boys’ houses in Europe including at Knock in Ireland.


The present church building dates from 1910 although Catholics have been worshiping here since the first temporary building was established in the site in 1886.

In 1959 the nave was widened on both sides to accommodate the growing community.

In 1965 a fire swept through the church causing severe damage to the interior.  Repairs and renovations were carried out with the addition of a new organ.



Telephone 01582 723 254


52 Castle Street, 





Office Hours Thurs and Fri 11:30- 2pm


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